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Genius Playlist of the day:
1. Awkward Age Joe Jackson
2. I Was in the House When the House Burned Down Warren Zevon
3. Choice in the Matter Aimee Mann
4. The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes Elvis Costello
5. It's Alright for You the Police
6. I'm Not In Love Talking Heads
7. Don't Let's Start They Might Be Giants
8. Does Everyone Stare the Police
9. On Your Radio Joe jackson
10. Disney land Dada
11. Jocko Homo Devo
12. say Anything Aimee Mann
13. Making Plans for Nigel XTC
14. Less than Zero elvis Costello
15. Poor Poor Pitiful Me Warren Zevon
16. Peanuts the Police
17. Don't Worry About the Government Talking Heads
18. Take It like a Man Joe jackson
19. Pretty Green the Jam
20. Long Shot Aimee Mann
21. Letterbox They Might be Giants
22. alison Elvis Costello
23. Begin the Begin REM
24. Artists Only Talking Heads
25. Downtown Train Tom Waits

I want to go to Mystic Seaport and sing in the sea chantey festival.

I think I'll have lunch.

I like Wil Wheaton.

That's all for now.

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I stayed home today. Sweetheart had an early day, and I'm not feeling especially well.

Which means lunch at home!
With an empty cupboard!

Well, not entirely empty. I found this:

And yes, it DOES look like dogfood.


What: Homel Corned Beef Hash with leftover Basmati rice.

Where: home

Oddly, this hash stuff is not full of garbage. Well, artificiality. It probably IS garbage, just of the natural kind. Ingredients:
Cooked Corned Beef
Rehydrated potatoes
Sodium Nitrite

Aside from the unknowable "flavouring" and "spice", the only real objectionable thing (aside from "beef"...I know what the USDA classifies as "beef"...not going there though) is the nitrites. REALLY hard to get away from these days, and better than Polysorbates, Propylene Glycol, and MSG.
So it came out of the can in a glop, which I cut up and fried on the cast iron griddle a little while.
The rice was from dinner a couple of nights ago (Indian...yummy), and with a little sprinkle of water and some time in the nuker, it was actually as good as when I made it. A little butter and seasoned salt didn't hurt. ;) But typically nutty.
The goop actually browned up, and I put it all on a plate like so:

You know, it was pretty good. Not overly salty. Not overly ANYTHING really, and with the rice it was good. And it was hot. Very important on a cold not feeling well kinda day.
Gourmet? No. But given the context, I'd say 6 of 10, and I'd do it again.

Doesn't mean the dogs aren't getting the leftovers.

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I love FailBlog.

epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails

epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails

Oh, the childhood traumas.

I'm studying the meaning of "liberty" and "freedom" in America throughout history. Pretty fascinating stuff. Lots of different regional and folkway variations on the meanings.

Of course, they're all wrong but my interpretation. :P

[B]Tuesday's Lunch Blog[/B]

There is such a thing as a perfect deli sandwich.
Some people think it exists in New York. I've had New York deli sandwichs. If it's the water, then they need to switch to bottled. Two slabs o dry bread loaded with 15 lbs of the dryest turkey on the planet- with no condiments or veggies- does not a quality sandwich make.
Sorry Manhattan.
No, the perfect deli sandwich exists at a little place called McKinley's, in Shelbyville Kentucky. It's run by Mrs. McKinley. Mr. McKinley bakes all the bread. And fritters. And cookies. and cream horns. Etc etc, blah blah blah.
They have a cute little train that circles the restaurant walls.
Sweet tea is self serve from a stoneware crock.

You get the idea.

They have a variety of signature sandwiches, as well as reglar deli stuff like egg salad, tuna, etc. They make their own soups....and they are GOOD...and have a couple of salads as well.
Bottom line folks, everything is FRESH, made that day, BY THEM, not emptied from a can. God, what a concept.

So usually I get their eponymous McKinley sandwich on rye- turkey, granny smith apple slices, celery, walnuts, provolone, and mayo (YUMMM!!)- but yesterday I went with the "615". Don't ask me why it's called that.

What: "615" sandwich, cup of chili, chips

Where: McKinley's Eating Establishment

The place is really quaint and cute, right on historic Main Street, with hard wood floors and a bell on the door.
But let's talk food!
The 615 is ham, salami, and turkey with provolone, chipotle mayo, black olives, and banana peppers all on fresh baked italian bread.


Spicy, savory, firm not unctuous, slightly sweet, all delicious. Just get it.
The chili- homemade, what I call Kentucky style- mild heat, beef beans and tomato. Just thick rich and hearty. With a little shredded cojack cheese, fresh diced onion, and crackers. Damn. Good for what ails ya! And seriously, the best since that chili your mother was known for in the chili cookoff circuit.
Chips- yeah, ok, they're chips.

And a pickle spear.

Individually wrapped in parchment. By them. Every time.
Soups are double bagged in paper sandwich bags. Sandwichs are bagged in white paper sandwich bags. NO POSSIBILITY of soup or pickle juice on your sandwich.
Hey, these things are important people!
Not the most environmentally friendly perhaps, but hey, those bags can be reused a LOT. Or recycled.

Bottom line, guys, is this place is the shit. Real food, fast, fresh, and deli near perfection.
I think 10 of 10.

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the.......[B]LUNCH BLOG!!!!![/B]


short one today kids.

What: turkey, stuffing, corn, green beans, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Plus some weird 50's dessert thing I wouldn't eat.

Where: My weekly Rotary club meeting. Thaas roit bichees, I sayd ROE-try.

We meet in the Library meeting room. Anyone ever been in a small library, you know the kinda place. Clean, but VERY beige. Paper plates, nappies, etc. Sweet tea (eeyoo :puke:), lemonade from crystals, and THANK GOD tap water.
Little foil packets of salad dressing.
You all get the idea.

But this caterer lady...she can COOK.

Honest to god REAL turkey, white meat and dark, cooked till still juicy. No joke. Dressing that i could SWEAR was homemade. Mashed potatoes, thick and glutiny. Canned beans, but cooked all day with pork. Are you drooling yet? Roasted corn casserole. REAL gravy, with little bits of meat in it. Warm yeast rolls. Oh god. I think I just came. In other words...this meal was good.

So what's with the weirdass white glop with the "strawberry sauce" for dessert? It looks like pounds of powdered sugar, angel food cake, Kool Whip, reindeer jizz, little bits of elf, and some old bread crusts were blended in a blender, and scooped out with an ice cream scoop onto a tray. The strawberry sauce was frozen strawberries in some red goo that looked like slightly congealed blood. If someone had taken Mr and Mrs Claws, cut their throats, hung them upside down to drain into a bucket, added a little Coumadin to impede coagulation, then added some frozen strawberries as an afterthought, you'd have this.

I didn't eat it.

But damn, y'all, turkey and DRESSING.

6 of 10. The turkey was kinda cold.

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Yes, I have TWO days of lunch to discuss today! Yesterday was too busy to post, and though I champed to do so, it wasn't happening. Alas.

But today! Huzzay!

So- yesterday first.

I live in a rural area. My home is literaly in the middle of a cow field, and the largest "town" in my county maybe holds 800 people. Needless to say, there are few dining options in the area AT ALL, much less that are worth a shit.
Yesterday was my one day this month for a Leadership class, a thing put on by the county to "build better leaders" or somesuch.

I was basically strong armed into it.

And of course the point is to know the county better, which means only eating breakfast and lunch at a local establishment. So we went to The Chat-N-Nibble.


The Chat-N-Nibble.

Don't ask me where the cutesy "Country Pie" name came from, it is the real deal. Old little restaurant (since the 30's) in tiny little dilapidated town, the waitresses look like Flo and Alice, and really do call ya "hun". And they mean it.
And guess what?

It's next to the Oddfellows Hall.

I know it all sounds like a fucking joke, but it's not. I've eaten here before, and my only real complaint is that they have yet to enter the late 20th century by still allowing smoking in the whole restaurant. If you go in on the wrong day, the place will be filled with octegenarian farmers and fetid road crew workers, all blissfully choking away on their own self-created fugs of vileness. But damn do they make a good fried bologna sandwich.
The walls are covered in "memorabilia", their once indeterminate colour now the colour of old grease. But aside from the smoking and the late 50's Mennonite idea of decor, the place is pretty good if you know what to get. So,

What: Bacon Cheeseburger, dressed, with fries and pecan pie a la mode.

Where: The Chat-N-Nibble, in sunny Eminence Ky.

As we were a party, we had two servers who did an excellent job. Prompt, attentive, no slip ups or missed items, quick bussing of empty plates, all the stuff you'd expect of top class service. The fact that they probably only earn $15 a day in tips due to low prices, poor people, and middlin traffic didn't affect their service at all. I wanted to offer them both work at a nicer place.

The burger was good. Sadly for the other place, MUCH better than the burger I had a few days ago at the "upscale" place in the town where I work. Cooked just right, cheese melted, tasty crisp but not burnt honest to god bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce, and mayonaisse on a nice bun. Nothing fancy or outstanding- no foccacia, or chipotle cranberry mayo, or any of that crap- just good homecooked hamburger. The fries, while obviously frozen, were crisp, hot, took salt well, and never tasted like old grease, again unlike the "upscale" place.
The pie, while not made there, was good, the ice cream tasty, generous portions of each, and I didn't have to ask them to heat it- it was already done. Even the iced tea, though again not "gourmet", was fresh and good.

I must be settling for some true crap if a normal burger is standout.

Anyway, 8 out of 10, with the loss of 2 points for ambiance, decor, and the smoking.


Ate in today. The wife and I whipped up a little sumtin sumtin upstairs....hey folks, get your minds out of the gutter...FOOD...and then we ate it. So,

What: Velveeta mac and cheese with white albacore tuna.

Where: The shop/office assemblage.

I love mac and cheese. Don't care who makes it or how, I love it. Today's variety included two cans (I know, right? Out there, man....TWO cans...will the risktaking never stop?!?) of tasty albacore tuna. And i drank water. And had a little fruit salad.

What was that about settling for true crap? at least it's not ramen noodles!

6 of 10
Tasty and convenient, but very low rent.

Current Location: Tea place a doodle.
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Mmmmm. Tasty Persian today.

What: Joojeh (chicken kabob) with basmati rice, hummous, pita,roasted veggies, a drink, and baklava.

Where: Shiraz Mediterranean Grill

So this new place opened down the street from my office a few months ago. I've been a coupla times, not too often, but the wife had never been, and as we are now inseparable due to only having one family vehicle (my poor slothful groaning old Corolla, blessed be her name...it's Sophie, BTW) and being big fans of Persian food (remind me to tell you about Saffron's some time...) we decided to go there. (*whew* Ellipses now at an end.)

The atmosphere, while "short order" style (you order at a counter, they give youy a number, and bring it to you) and somewhat cafeteria like, is bright, clean, colourful, and relaxing. It lives in a small strip mall, but they have art on the walls (actual art...oil paintings...for SALE even), there's a BIG chalkboard with all the menu items in colourful chalk, and the decor is primary colour. They've even gone to the trouble of disguising their modern cooking equipment inside faux wood ovens. Pretty classy really.

Service is excellent and cheerful, and the food is delish. There's PLENTY of food. My kabob was tender, buttery, yet roasty brown chicken, grilled onion and tomato, tasty hummous, and really nice tangy tadziki.

1. The food is EXCELLENT
2. The chicken was perfect.
3. The Basmati was perfect. Don't let anyone fool you...not everyone can cook rice well.
4. Decor, parking, classy and tasteful bathrooms, interior space....
5. Great service.
6. Everything is obviously FRESH.

1. It's a little pricey. We got two combos which included drinks, an order of baklava, and a special order of grilled onions for a buck. It was almost $26. LOTS of onions though.
2. They don't brew their iced tea. They had one of those Lipton things that LOOKS like a brewer but is not. No excuse for a quality restaurant, much less a Persian one, where tea is important.
3. The damn door kept opening....great for business, but sucks if it's blowing 50mph 20 degree winds.
4. Their pita was some poor excuse for flat bread- perfectly rectangular, perfectly flat as if it had been rolled from a mill, and perfectly insipid.

The baklava, while not one of my fav desserts (don't care much for Phylo dough...I know, silly to get it if I don't like it...*sigh*) was ...different. In a good way. Not nearly as sweet as some, but much more floral and delicately flavoured. Tasty.

Overall, 9 of 10. Good food, at a nice clean place, served by nice clean people. Just a little pricey.

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No lunch today. Why? TOO MUCH BREAKFAST! And it was rather late in the morning (9:30 am).

So how bout I regale you with breakfast?

Today's Order: Sunrise Sampler

From: Cracker Barrel

Ok, ok, I know, Cracker Barrel. But hey, they've got good breakfast, and I LIKE breakfast foods. Of course, the atmosphere is what it is- faux 50's "homey", the threat of imminent death by falling farm implement (which are merely strung from the ceiling) constantly ..... um..... imminent, the rural American "Country Store" full of nostalgia, the smell of cleaning chemicals, total fakery, and cheap Chinese made "gifts", not to mention the scores of monumental middle age women named "Flo" who wish you a "howdy" upon entering.

You get the picture.

I'll say this for CB though....they always have a REAL fire (made of burning wood) going cheerily in the hearth, which believe me on a cold rainy Kentucky day like this is very welcome.

Today, we've discovered that (though it's nine am) they don't have hostesses until later in the day. No lie. so we stand there while the couple in front of us (also waiting) and ourselves watch scores of employees busily moving merchandies around or standing in the kitchen vestibule talking about their grandchildren. I know, being a mere 35 years old, you say they are too young for grandchildren, but hey this is Kentucky people.

Finally we're noticed and pitied and are led to a table. And then our experience is excellent.
Good service, unobtrusive, responsive, plenty of everything, hot coffee and plenty of it, and tasty hot breakfast. For me, biscuits (a little too floury for me, but still decent) with apple butter, butter, and gravy, eggs over medium (mmm...delightful runny yolks), hashbrown casserole (toasty shredded potato, cheese, and onion all baked together), grits with lots of butter and salt, fried apples (their weakest link- cooked in some commisary, combined with a cinnamony goo, and jarred, which is then opened and reheated....kinda blech...), and the meat sampler, which is a sausage patty, a piece of country ham, and a rasher of bacon.

The meat is good. Smoky and done right. Eggs, browns, grits, coffee, all good. The weird crusty brown thing which the waitress assures me is "a cinnamon biscuit (which they thankfully only trot out at Holiday time) I don't touch, but everyhting else was tasty. And geez, with drinks and two meals of that size cost us only $17!
Granted, i can only eat that much about once a week, but hell, it was two meals in one for both of us!

So, overall, I give it an 8 of 10 stars, very good.

Oh, and we got doggie goodness as we were leaving! a very sweet boy dog, who was tootling around the neighbourhood (having escaped from his electrci fence) gave us very happy yet dignified good mornings. He promptly ran when we offered to put him in the car with us, as though to say "you are very nice people, but I know quite where I am thank you", and proceede to toss and eat the days old squirrel he'd found. Oh, delight!

Overall, a wonderful start to a decent day.

At 3:15, I'm going to look at the perfectly awesome 125 year old, 4600 sq foot solid brick home being sold down the street for a mere 95k. Not as if I can buy it, but damn, it's close. I sense a lottery ticket in the offing with my name on it.

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Yesterday evening I had a grumpy Facebook moment. Some total idiot actually said that since we have elected a black/Muslim president, we should give a white woman conservative a chance, in regard to Sarah Palin in 2012. As if it were a fucking mail room job.

The complete lack of any intellectual capacity in that statement astounds me, not to mention the implied bigotry and racism. Yes, that WAS a quote. Not my words.

Wanna know what I did say?

"Though equality means ANY American, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. has the opportunity to run for President, doesn't mean we get to pick any village idiot just because they fit some minority stereotype we find appealing. Sarah Palin is unelectable, period.
And the fact some people continue to equate "black" with "muslim" really only ... Read Moreshows their own ignorance. If they equate that the President is Muslim, despite his DECADES of obvious Christianity, solely because he has a "muslim" name, only shows they are bigots.
And if they honestly believe that a person's religion is a qualification for anything other than whether they can be a minister of that religion, I've got a bridge to sell...because they'll believe anything stupid."

What? You want the rest? OK!

Idiot #1:
"You hit a live one, Cathy! Although let me add that going to a church for 20 years where "GD America" is preached doesn't really qualify for Christianity. The fact is that whether you like Palin or her politics or not, her resume is much more substantial than our current President's. I'm sure just 3-4 years ago someone would have said BHO was unelectable based on his questionable connections with the Chicago underground and slime-ball politicians. Things can change on a dime!"

"Who made her the arbiter of what Christianity is? Since when was she the judge of what makes "orthodoxy"? How arrogant and self righteous! And 3-4 years ago, when the President was running for President, no one DID say he was unelectable because of "connections"- for one, they're made up. And "slimeball politicians"?!? Really? Come on, Pollyanna. Quit listening to idealogues and propagandists and go get some facts.
Latsly, wasn't it you conservatives all up in arms in '00 and '04 about lack of respect? "Well, he won, so he's the President, let's all rally around, respecgt the office, call him President not Mr. Bush, blah blah blah..." Or is it only liberals and independents who have to show respect? Regardless of whether you think he's qualified, show a little respect."

Idiot #1:
"I have respect for the office, which is precisely why I didn't vote for someone so obviously unqualified yet bolstered by media and pop culture. I also have respect and love for my country, which I think should be a MINIMAL qualification for the person running the country. You watch too much MSNBC. Let me guess, you are waiting with baited breath for George Bush to be tried for war crimes. Get a life! Are you a pseudonym for Keith Olbermann? Do you live with your mommy and 32 cats?? Are you frustrated that you can't marry your partner? Guess what? Obama won't let you either!! LMAO

Pollyanna, the Self-righteous arbiter of Christian values."

"Michelle, I'm sorry you're filled with so much hate and fear.

and that, actually, is all."

How do I let myself get dragged into this kinda thing with every credulous, intellectually bankrupt, pinhead out there?

Why is America filled with credulous, intellectually bankrupt, pinheads?
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I have a headache. In front and back. Urrrg. Wish I had time to get some massage at the shop.

Possibly I have it because I am trying to do fifteen things at once. Ok, not fifteen, but at least three. One of which is trying to get my iTunes from the office PC to my new Netbook/external drive. So far, no difficulties, but sure does take a while when you're talking about 8000 songs. This has been a 3 day process...parially because I'm a bit concerned by what happened to Pallid_Regina when she transferred hers. I would like to avoid that.

I am listening to a cool podcast though, called The Shellac Stack- an hour of old tunes from 78's. Jazz, parlour, dance band, world, novelty, etc. Good stuff. I somehow get the feeling Greg Maupin would approve.
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Sitting in the tea shop, in the corner, on my netbook.... it really is a beautiful sight of business. There's a business meeting in the corner, and people sitting at every tabel computering, talking, snacking, drinking tea....
It's great. It's so nice to see exactly what should be happening in here happening....
Aysha's here, Elliott's here, Tami's here, Cara's here, Bob Burry's doing biz here, and he even brought his building cat to hang out. She is the cutest little orange tabby kitten, just running around have a great time in the shop.

I bought a guitar amp today. yay! Sweet little Washburn 2 channel tweed cover amp. Only $85 bucks! I'm looking forward to playing with it. The guitar now works, now I have an amp...Nihilistic Punchline, bring it on!!

It's nice to have a little money again. It will be gone soon, but hopefully the hump has been turned, and things are looking up. Woot!

Fifth weekend of Faire coming up...looking for Folk fests to play, talking projects and concepts with people....things are pretty tasty right now.

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